Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Morton Salt

As temperatures drop, don’t find yourself in a slippery situation. Just look for the striped bag you know and love. Morton Safe-T-Salt has been helping families clear ice and snow from their driveways and walkways for generations.

PELADOW™ Premier Snow & Ice Melter is the fastest-acting, most effective product available for melting snow on sidewalks, steps and drives, and preventing ice-related accidents.

  • Model Number: CA500A

Helps perform common chores around the farm or home. Durable construction can hold up to 350 pounds. It even folds for storage. Muck tub not included.

  • Manufacturer: Country Vet

Q MIST by Country Vet gives you fully automatic control of flies, mosquitoes and moths for 30 days. Set it once and forget it for a full 30 days.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: PC11

Cover for Phf11 feeder.

Galvanized Steel Utility Cans with lids - Various Sizes . Ideal for trash, yard waste, seed/pet food storage. Durable…the strength of steel! Better than plastic: Rodent proof, Won’t absorb odors, Recyclable…made with no oil. Built to last! Dry storage only. Weather resistant…won’t rust.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide
  • Model Number: 46172D

Permethrin .5% for safe, reliable fly control on horses, cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. Also for fleas, lice, bedbugs, mosquitoes, gnats and mites. May be used on poultry and dogs too. Kills and repels.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: P8BURGUNDY

Practical and affordable, Little Giant plastic buckets are favorites on farms, ranches, and worksites everywhere. Our buckets are made from polyethylene resin that is impact resistant, protects against warpage, and helps prevent stress cracks. This handy little round bucket features a heavy-duty wire bail. 11.5 inch diameter by 8.5 inch high, holds 8 quarts (2 gallons). Available in many other colors and sizes.

  • Manufacturer: Four Paws

Great for picking up animal waste around the yard. These rake sets are extremely durable and made with a stainless steel collection base that wont rust. 37" long.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company

This is the original Little Giant DuraFork bedding fork that is a fixture in stables and barns everywhere. Manufactured from extra-strong 100 percent polycarbonate to provide super strength and flexibility. Designed for long-lasting use around the farm, ranch, and home.

48” x 25’. Galvanized uniform 20 gauge, hexagonal wire netting, with a reverse twist mesh. Reinforced with a Bee-Line horizontal wire every 12". Available in two mesh sizes with a variety of width and length sizes. Each roll separately packaged.

Bucket De-icer. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. 

  • Manufacturer: Little Giant Miller Mfg.
  • Model Number: CA500

Whether transporting barn waste, water, or moving bulky items like hay, feed bags, and garbage cans the Little Giant muck cart makes it easy.  Perfect for use around the garden and yard too!

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: PSB40BLUE

Your favorite job just got easier! The new 40-Quart Muck Tub is the same design as our popular 70-Quart Muck Tub, now in a convenient smaller size. Helps you handle cleanup jobs with ease. The ample mouth size lets you load it up fast, and the poly rope handles are strong and comfortable.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: 150415

Other scoops available in various colors and sizes.

The best all-around scoop you'll ever use. Enclosed design reduces spillage, and measuring is easy with built-in graduation marks which are perfect for feed, supplements, and seed. The flat bottom allows you to set the scoop down without tipping over, and makes the scoops stackable for storage.

  • Manufacturer: Manna Pro Corp

Corona® Ointment provides a favorable environment for the rapid healing of cuts, abrasion, sores, etc., with minimal scaring. Clinical tests, conducted at leading veterinary college, have demonstrated Corona’s effectiveness in the healing of minor wounds. 7 oz. tube.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: MDF2

Extra strength and durability in the classic Little Giant DuraFork bedding fork. Made of 18-gauge, corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate-plated steel, with a triangular support brace to prevent the fork head from coming loose.

Durable floating de-icer. Constructed of patented Cast Aluminum for ultimate effciency and safety. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Heavy-duty "anti-chew" cord protector. Unique patented design. Best for use in metal, plastic or rubber tanks 70-200 gallons. SAFE IN PLASTIC. 

  • Manufacturer: Purina
  • Model Number: BJ209

A brooder light is commonly used for keeping small farm animals warm after birth, giving reptiles the warmth they need, or keeping farm animals warm. Built with a heavy duty aluminum shade with hanger and double wire guard. High heat porcelain socket.

  • Manufacturer: Miller Manufacturing Company
  • Model Number: P20FBNAVY

Little Giant Flat-Back buckets are a favorite on farms and ranches everywhere. The Flat-Back fits more compactly for hanging against a wall or fence, plus it makes hauling heavy loads a lot easier. 20 qt.